A collection of organic, domestic objects born during the lockdown(s), consisting entirely of processed algae. The material, called alginate, is often used within the dental industry as well as the film industry – mainly to make moulds – but offers surprising potential for creating functional, biological products as well. The process involves plenty of trial-and-error though, mainly because it can take months for the material to fully dry out and become mould-free, harden and take shape.

Currently (mid 2022) I am developing candle holders, plant pots and coasters with the material, sometimes mixed with glycerine, at my studio in Amsterdam–Oost. In the beginning of 2022 all of the candleholders were for sale at the gallery of A Shop Called LIFE in Rotterdam, as you can see here on the right.

Get in touch for more information: thvhoek[at]gmail.com
(2020 – ?)